Locksmith Services to Improve Your Home Security System

There are times where it is necessary that you will set up an additional access codes to the home security that is presently installed in your home. Such instances as having housekeepers to stop at your home while you’re at work, or whenever your child arrives earlier than you from school will help them benefit from the access codes you can spare for them. In fact, the help from a locksmith will ensure that you will have, at least, up to five additional access codes—and that is on top of your master code.

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Having all these supplemental home security features will ensure that your house is not just protected, but every member will get to have the chance of convenience in accessing the home. This is something that new security features are apt for home use.

Setting Up Guest Codes for Your Protect America System

The process of installing additional codes is rather simple, and not too much of a hassle. Within a few moments you’ll have your new codes set up, and each code can be different for each user that will have access to the system. Here’s the five step user code process:

Step 1: Open the cover of your Simon system, and using the red numbered keys, enter your four-digit master code. Once the master code is entered, the system will say, “please select from the start menu.”

Step 2: Press the “add” button, and the system will say, “please select from the main menu.”

Step 3: Press the access code and the panel will say, “master code, press again for the next access code or done to select.”

Step 4: Press the access code again, and the panel will say, “access code 1, press again for the next access code or done to select.” Press done, and the panel will ask you to “use number keys to enter access code 1.” Enter the access code, and now the panel will repeat the access code. Follow by closing the cover when you are done.

Step 5: To make additional access codes, you’ll simply need to repeat steps one through five. At step three, continue pressing “access code,” button until you hear the next available location, ie: access code 2. Repeat this step as many times as you need access codes.  Read more to learn here…

On top of the added security codes, it is important to see that battery of your garage door sensor is maintained in a regular basis, so that you will have no problems in operating it. It would certainly be helpful on your part that you somehow have an idea as to how you can change and manipulate the batteries and garage sensors all on your own.

How To Change The Battery In Your Smart Garage Door Sensor

Locate the sensor. It is usually attached with Velcro or double-sided tape to the upper corner of your garage door, inside the garage. If Velcro is used, pull the sensor off the door for easy access.

Take off the cover. The two halves separate rather easily.

Remove the old battery by sliding it out of its holder. You may need to use a narrow object like a flat head screwdriver or paperclip to push it out from the back side. If you haven’t already purchased a new battery, you can take this one with you to the store to make it easier to locate. The battery needed is a 3V disc –shape called “CR2032”. They can be found at many retailers like Walmart or Home Depot, and even in most grocery stores, usually by the hearing aid batteries.

Slide the new battery into place. The shiny side with the + and CR2032 should be facing up.

Put the 2 halves back together until they click.

Re-mount the sensor to the garage door in the same location you removed it from.

Everything should work now, but in some cases you may have to log out and then back in to your app before the changes take effect. Read original article here: http://www.dfwsecurity.com/how-to-change-the-battery-in-your-smart-garage-door-sensor/.

These are few works that you will need to remember, so that you can augment the kind of security that you have at home, and you will see that this is totally helpful in every step of the way. Thus, to get a better security details at home, all the above discussed things should be carefully considered.

Image Credits: http://files.northwestlocksmith.webnode.com/system_preview_detail_200000022-b5ad2b6aa6-public/locksmith-blog-door.jpg.

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